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Cutting-Edge Electrical Projects: Proyectos Araiza Lights Up Mexicali

In the heart of Mexicali, Proyectos Araiza stands as the undisputed leader in innovative electrical projects. Their outstanding work shines brightly at Estadio Casas Geo, where they've created a state-of-the-art electrical system, ensuring a spectacular experience for sports enthusiasts.

Moreover, Plaza Centenario, Mexicali's hub of commerce and culture, owes its inviting atmosphere and functionality to Proyectos Araiza's expertise in electrical engineering. In the realm of sports, their Cycling Path at Ciudad Deportiva illuminates the nights for cycling enthusiasts, promoting an active lifestyle.

They haven't just transformed public spaces; they've also driven industrial growth in the region. Proyectos Araiza has equipped multiple industries with robust electrical systems, ensuring efficiency and safety in their operations.

With each project, Proyectos Araiza sets new standards, lighting the way toward a brighter future for Mexicali and its residents. Their dedication to excellence and innovation continues to illuminate the city with a glow of progress.

Services We Provide:

  • Substation Installation

  • Residential Area Electrification

  • Industrial Installations

  • Electrical Maintenance

  • Electrical Design and Construction

  • Public Lighting

Our Products:

For High and Low Voltage

  • Materials and Equipment

  • Electrical Substations

  • Distribution Transformers

  • Power Plants

  • Power Switches and Fuses


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With over 25 years of experience, Proyectos Araiza is renowned for its authentic commitment to customer satisfaction. This standard of excellence has enabled us to grow into one of the most reliable and responsible companies in the Northwest of Mexico.

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